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Some signs of what may become a distracted driver accident

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Portable electronics and mobile devices often create unwanted distractions by slowing down a driver’s ability to process information. As noted by, just using a GPS for directions may force motorists to take their attention away from driving.

According to the CDC, approximately eight individuals die in car crashes each day because of distractions. Even the most cautious drivers may benefit from learning when they face circumstances that impair a motorist’s ability to operate a vehicle.

Several types of distractions divert focus from the road

Cognitive distractions include overwhelming emotions that preoccupy an individual’s thoughts. An emergency, for example, may cause a motorist to drive faster than the speed limit. Signs of an emotionally charged driver include running red lights or failing to stop.

Listening to passengers engaged in a conversation may cause auditory distractions, particularly during a heated discussion. Manual distractions such as eating, changing music or interacting with devices may force motorists to give up a secure grip on the steering wheel.

Visual distractions may cause the most severe accidents

It reportedly takes less than three seconds of inattentiveness for an accident to occur. Turning toward a passenger or picking up a phone may divert a motorist’s visual focus from the road. At high speeds, a split second of impaired vision may cause a devastating accident.

As noted by the Ohio Laws and Administrative Rules website, drivers may not use a handheld device to send, write or read text messages. If a motorist neglects to follow the law and causes a collision, injured parties may file legal action for damages.

Lawsuits showing how a driver’s carelessness resulted in serious injuries may include a court award for medical expenses and lost wages. A personal representative or surviving family members may file a wrongful death lawsuit for relief over the unexpected loss of their loved one.