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Pedestrian accident risk factors and statistics

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2021 | Car Accidents |

When walking near traffic, you could become involved in a pedestrian accident for various reasons. Whether a distracted driver hits you or you suffer injuries as a result of a drunk driver or someone going over the speed limit, you need to know your rights and focus on your recovery. Sadly, pedestrian accidents keep occurring, and it is essential for pedestrians as well as drivers to review statistics on these accidents to understand how often they take place.

Pedestrians and drivers should also familiarize themselves with risk factors that play a role in many pedestrian accidents.

Looking at pedestrian accident risks

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, numerous risks increase the chances of a pedestrian accident. For example, these accidents occur more often at night and in urban locations. Speeding not only increases the odds of a pedestrian accident, but also affects the severity of the injuries a victim suffers after a vehicle hits them.

Distractions, such as using a phone behind the wheel, and intoxicated driving also account for many pedestrian accidents.

Statistics on pedestrian accidents

The CDC reports that throughout 2017, 137,000 pedestrians needed emergency treatment as a result of injuries sustained in accidents across the country, based on estimates. Moreover, these accidents claimed the lives of over 5,900 pedestrians in 2017 alone. In comparison to those riding in passenger vehicles, pedestrians have a much higher chance of losing their lives.

As a pedestrian, you should take steps to protect yourself, such as wearing reflective clothing and walking with a flashlight at night. If injured in an accident, make sure you explore your options.