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How do frontal lobe injuries affect a person?

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Suffering from a head injury of any sort can impact a person’s mind, body and emotional state. But how do injuries to different areas of the brain affect people?

Specifically, what do injuries to the frontal lobe tend to manifest as?

What the frontal lobe does

Medline Plus takes a look at traumatic brain injuries which may affect a head injury victim. Frontal lobe head injuries often occur if the victim gets hit from the front or from behind, as the whiplash can cause the brain to crash into the inside of the skull and creates damage that way.

These injuries can manifest in different ways for different people. However, the frontal lobe holds responsibility for the same things in everyone, meaning those things will likely see an impact.

First, the frontal lobe is crucial in the storing and processing of short-term memories to long-term memories. People who suffer from damage to this area often have a hard time retaining and creating new memories. This is a huge frustration to sufferers, who often have to alter their entire way of life to accommodate the new handicap that memory struggles bring about.

Alterations to personality

The loved ones of frontal lobe injury sufferers may quote other issues as standing out the most, though. The frontal lobe also controls impulse and emotional regularity. This means that people suffering from injuries in this area tend to lash out more, seem angrier or easier to irritate, and will say or do things that seem extremely out of character.

Any of these impacts can have a serious negative effect on either the victim or their loved ones, or both.