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Child Custody, Visitation & Support

Licking County Attorneys For Matters Affecting Your Child

Whether you are going through a divorce, or seeking legal counsel for modification or enforcement of an existing order, legal matters that affect your children can have a serious impact on your life — and theirs. At Hayes Law Offices, Inc. in Pataskala, Ohio, we take child support, child custody and visitation matters seriously.

Our attorneys have been handling these family law matters for three decades. We have the in-depth knowledge it takes to help you through this process. We use this knowledge extensively in each and every child custody or child support action we take on.

Choosing The Right Court For Child Custody And Visitation Proceedings

Hayes Law Offices handles child custody and visitation matters in both the Licking County Juvenile Court and the Domestic Relations Court. As experienced lawyers, we know that part of a strategic and successful child custody plan is knowing which court is appropriate for your situation.

When there is not an existing divorce case in the domestic relations court, many non-custodial parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles may go to the juvenile court for child custody matters. With two former assistant juvenile prosecutors on staff, Hayes Law Offices is familiar with the local customs and procedures in juvenile court.

Domestic Civil Protection Orders

Issues of domestic violence can be a serious factor in determination of child custody and visitation by the courts. At Hayes Law Offices, our experienced attorneys are dedicated to protecting your child’s safety. We assist with restraining order matters (which the courts call civil protection orders or CPOs) in the domestic relations court as well as in the general division of the common pleas court.

But we recognize that each situation is unique. When allegations are false or exaggerated, we work hard to protect your reputation and your relationship with your children.

Contact Hayes Law Offices

When you have concerns about child custody, visitation or support, the best way to get real answers is to talk with an attorney. To talk with us about your legal needs, contact our Pataskala law office by calling 740-927-2927 or toll free at 1-800-536-8678. We offer confidential initial consultations in family law matters affecting your children.