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Closing Services

Providing Effective Legal Assistance For Real Estate Closings In Ohio

At Hayes Law Offices, Inc. we assist individuals with legal representation during real estate closings. We walk you through the closing process to make sure you understand what each part of it means. We also make sure your documents are complete and accurate to finish the sale of the property in a timely and effective manner.

If you are looking to sell property in a “for sale by owner” situation or as part of an estate sale, the real estate attorneys at Hayes Law Offices can help. It is important to have an experienced attorney review your closing documents before the actual closing date. It is especially important that a lawyer be involved prior to contract or deed preparation and execution.

Without careful drafting of your real estate closing documents, you could open yourself up to liability regarding such issues as:

  • Liens
  • Unpaid taxes and assessments
  • Nondisclosure of known defects
  • Litigation regarding title defects

Protecting You From Title Lawsuits Or Real Estate Tax Disputes

Even if you have a realtor, we can assist you with your title investigations. Without clear title, a seller or buyer could be facing a potential ownership dispute and possible legal issues. At Hayes Law Offices, we understand the importance of avoiding real estate litigation.

Without an attorney involved, it can be easy to overlook real estate tax issues. There may be real estate tax penalties or delinquencies that the previous owner neglected to pay. It is important that these taxes be paid when the property is transferred, or a later dispute could arise concerning who should pay those expenses – long after anyone expects to do so.

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At Hayes Law Offices, we provide effective real estate closing representation and document review prior to the purchase or sale of real estate. We have been serving Licking County for more than 30 years and can provide you with the legal assistance you need. For more information on how we can assist you during the real estate closing process, please contact our law office by calling 740-927-2927 or toll free at 1-800-536-8678.