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When it comes to divorce, the attorneys at Hayes Law Offices, Inc. work to protect your interests and those of your children. But, at the same time, we’re dedicated to helping you create smart solutions — fair resolutions with which you and your family can live.

For 30 years, our Pataskala, Ohio, law firm has been guiding people through matters of divorce and dissolution of marriage. We have in-depth family law experience in a wide range of matters:

At Hayes Law Offices, we are always willing to fight for our clients, but we believe that some of the smartest solutions are created through mediation and/or settlement negotiation. Using these tools in your divorce gives you and your spouse a chance to make your own decisions, so you don’t have to depend on a judge’s decision on matters like child custody and visitation, child support or division of property.

Domestic Civil Protection Orders

Domestic violence can be a serious factor that leads to a divorce. Sometimes allegations are falsely made to gain leverage in a divorce. Regardless of your situation, Hayes Law Offices can help.

We assist with restraining orders (which the courts call civil protection orders or CPOs) in the domestic relations court as well as in the general division of the common pleas court. We assist victims of domestic violence, stalking victims and people facing accusations of misconduct. Our goal is to protect you from violence, or to protect you from false allegations, while keeping your pending divorce in mind.

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